Benefits of Coliving

What is coliving? 

Coliving is a trending form of accommodation where people of similar likes, interests, and values share a living space and maximize collaboration, networking, and development. Just like coworking, coliving spaces also offer an opportunity to work and collaborate as well as social networking.  

How popular is Coliving In Singapore?

In Singapore, coliving is becoming extremely popular each day. Unlike before where people cared more about individuality and privacy, nowadays people like to connect with like-minded people and learn a thing or two. Coliving offers all of that and more. 

So why exactly is coliving becoming popular? The answer is simple, millennials. The concept of coliving is extremely popular to millennials as it grants them the opportunity to expand themselves, collaborate and become overalls successful. The lifestyle offered by coliving spaces is exactly the lifestyle millennials yearn for. Young people are less interested in nature and are more drawn to the CBD, they require higher technological advancements and ultimate convenience.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Coliving

  • Convenience 

Most coliving spaces offer great convenience in the form of services apartments. Dash Living units are always located in cities, so as to give you the city life experience. Nowadays nobody wants to do the work on their own, and coliving means living chore-free and only worrying about expanding your network!

  • Modern Furniture and Set-Up 

Coliving spaces are undoubtedly modern and sophisticated. Most people are drawn to a more glamorous lifestyle and coliving has it all. Our Dash Living units are also fully furnished with bedding, cooking and laundry equipment and more!

  • Collaboration and Networking 

Coliving offers a great opportunity to collaborate and network with like-minded people thereby expanding one’s portfolio.

  • Shorter lease 

Coliving does not tie you down. You can have short term leases and move on to the next stage of your life comfortably. Coliving is great for travelers looking to network and connect. With Dash Living, you can get a lease for as little as 3 months all the way to 2 years.

Is coliving the right choice for you?

Let’s face it, coliving is really cool! It’s the right choice for everybody. If you’re a business-savvy or freelance creator looking to meet new people, connect, and expand yourself, coliving can help you with that! Everyone is getting on board with coliving because they see what a great opportunity it is, don’t let it pass you by. 

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