How To Increase Productivity Working From Home When You Have Housemates

With the current Coronavirus pandemic, everyone has to stay at home to help health workers and other frontliners in curbing the spread. Most companies have requested their employees to work from home. Although it might sound like a good bargain, you no longer have to commute to work every day or struggle with the day to day problems of having to clock in to work every day, working from home is not as it sounds. Working from home can pressure you into working extra hours or overworking yourself in the hopes of seeming more productive. 

When you have housemates especially in co-living, working from home can be a little distracting and you may find it hard to reach peak performance. It’s important to set boundaries in the home and stick to a schedule if you aim to be successful in working from home. The house may seem quiet and peaceful earlier during the day but as the day progresses you may find it hard to focus and concentrate on your work. Here are some helpful tips to help you maximize performance in working from home when you have roommates or housemates. 

Set Your “Do Not Disturb Hours” 

To make it easier for you to stick to your work hours distraction-free, it’s important to set do not disturb hours. During your do not disturb hours, you are to strictly focus on your work without interference from your housemates. Setting do not disturb hours in necessary to set clear boundaries for your housemates not to disrupt you. It also helps ensure your activities with your housemates don’t clash.

Agree On Kitchen Hours 

Since everyone is going to be at home all the time, everyone is going to need to use the kitchen. This may cause a class between your work and what time the kitchen is free. To avoid these problems, discuss kitchen hours with your housemates and set a routine. This way, everyone can use the kitchen at a time that’s most suitable for them. You don’t have to have food delivered to you because you can’t use the kitchen, you can arrange kitchen usage with your housemates for your convenience. 

Take Care Of Yourself 

If you don’t take care of your physical and mental health, it’s going to be hard for you to focus on work. You can’t do any work if your health is not in check. It’s imperative to ensure you eat healthily, sleep adequately and drink water every day. Being in a healthy state both physically and mentally has a positive effect on your workload. 

Remember to be transparent with your housemates on your work schedule and expectations to avoid clashes and ensure your home is a conducive environment for you to work.