We had a fun conversation with one of our returning client here at Dash Living Singapore and we managed to ask some questions as well as hear from a client’s point of view, what the Dash Living experience feels like! 

Yokaze is a young professional from Japan that had rented with Dash Living Singapore before for about a year before she had to move away and now she’s back. She’s been with Dash Living SG for about a month and we reached out to her to ask about her past as well as present stay with us. 

Do you enjoy your stay at Dash Living?

Yes, my stay at Dash Living SG has been great so far especially the efficiency of the services offered. Life here is especially convenient as the services offered are very efficient and you won’t have to struggle.

Would you visit Dash Living SG again?

Yes, I would definitely visit Dash Living again. I lived here before for about a year when I had just come to Singapore. I moved out and was out of the country for a while. When I was looking for a place to stay this year, I remembered the impeccable service Dash Living provided and decided to rent there once again.

How convenient is the location?

The location is okay, considering I already know the place. It’s usually hard to get a place to live in a good location but Dash Living location is still good considering the things you can do and explore.

Did your network expand with Dash Living?

I made more friends in my last co-living apartment. Right now there have been fewer activities and I’ve only been here for a month but yes, co-living does encourage networking.

Would you recommend Dash Living SG?

Yes, I would recommend Dash Living SG because it’s a great experience. With Dash Living, most people are foreigners and with similar backgrounds to you so it’s easy to connect and relate. It’s also cool to come back home to people you can talk to and enjoy their companies.