Anwesha Tewary and her husband are Indian Nationals who moved into Easycity Dash Living SG for work in January for just a few months but they have decided to extend their stay and still have hopes of extending beyond January 2021, depending on their availability. We had a short Q & A with her pertaining to their stay at Dash Living.                   

  1. Do you enjoy staying with Dash Living? 

Very much so. Ever since we moved, this has been a very comfortable stay and the facilities provided as well as management are really good. We had minor issues in the beginning but they were quickly resolved and the management was efficient. 

  1. What do you like most? 

Firstly, the moving in process was smooth and we barely had any problems. Also, whenever we needed help with anything or we had a problem with the house, the management resolved them immediately. We also love the way the property is maintained and taken care of. 

  1. How was the search with other companies when you were looking for a place to stay? 

We contacted several brokers looking for a place to live but the prices were not very pleasing. We were mainly looking for clean and nice places to live which were closer to the city but other brokers were taking too much time. We saw a lot of houses but there was always something undesirable about the houses so it made the process difficult. With Dashliving, the process was quick and we decided to move in almost immediately. We joined in with a short lease contract but we have decided to extend it. 

  1. Is the location convenient for you? 

Yes, the location is very convenient and we can commute to almost all the places we want to go to. We especially love going to East Coast Park which is roughly two kilometers away. 

  1. How is it interacting with different members of Dash living? 

We love the experience of interacting with various people and living like a family. We have never had any problem sharing a space with other people and we are always delighted to have the opportunity to meet and get to know other individuals through coliving. 

Anwesha and her husband had a little party together with other tenants.
  1. Do you think we should profile other tenants before you live with them? 

Not really. I don’t have any complaints. We were a married couple living with students and they made our stay worthwhile. We had birthday celebrations and house parties and they made our stay enjoyable. 

  1. Would you recommend us in the future? 

Yes, I definitely would. I had a great stay!